Improving your marriage and improving your sex life go hand in hand.

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What is Intimacy?

We help couples have better sex.

All marriages face significant challenges.

  • Is being intimate with your spouse challenging?
  • Do you feel like your marriage has ‘lost its spark’?
  • Do you wish you had better sex, more sex, at least some sex?
  • Do you feel too busy, stressed, or overwhelmed to work on your marriage?
  • Have you lost hope?

We know how you feel. You aren’t alone.

We also want you to know that there’s hope. Over 35 years of marriage (including raising nine kids and enjoying life with 14 grandchildren) has taught us a lot!

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping couples rekindle passion, learn to enjoy one another again, improve their sex life, learn the truth about intimacy — and ultimately, improve their marriages.

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The 7 day challenge was fantastic — it enabled more open communication about our love-making. We were also much more comfortable experimenting with new and fun ‘adventures’. The attention to detail that my husband had throughout the day and his focus on making me feel loved helped to create greater intimacy in our marriage on so many levels. Thank-you for this opportunity to grow!

-From a couple married less than 10 years and with 2 children

I absolutely love your website… Your site helped me guide a couple through a difficult marriage situation. God bless you and your wonderful ministry! He has used you to help me save this marriage. Thank you!

-From a pastor of 17 years who recently discovered The Intimate Couple site and now uses it as a resource for counseling

Every great marriage (including great sex) is built on a foundation of intimacy.

There are 4 areas of intimacy:


and the physical



and the excitement of



and the sharpening of



and the depth of


We know that working on all 4 areas of intimacy contributes to a better marriage and a better sex life. However, people often get stuck on what we call the ‘intimacy iceberg’.