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Lost Interest in Sex? Carrie speaks to women

In all honesty, there are times when I have lost interest in sex. It may be that I have allowed myself to get too tired or that I’m not feeling well. Still, I know that my sexual relationship with my husband is so important. Not only does it fulfill a need Jim has, but it’s also an important way that he and I connect physically and emotionally. Because of that value, I will find ways to increase my sexual confidence, knowing that I will increase sexual desire in myself as a result.

If you have lost interest in sex, let me suggest that you begin to use the following ideas to gain back that lost interest in sex.

  1. You Initiate Sex: Most of us women expect that if our husband wants sex, he will take the lead, but he would be so excited if you initiated sex. And… it’s amazing, you’ll find that you will gain sexual confidence and desire yourself!
  2. Prepare Yourself All Day: Playful hugs, lingering kisses, loving phone calls or emails are just a few simple ways to help you prepare yourself … and your husband … for a passionate time of sex later in the day.
  3. Passionate Kissing: Don’t pass up the best way to increase passion and sexual desire. Be sure to communicate your love in the very basic but very powerful expression… the kiss. Spend time embracing and passionately kissing!
  4. Give Enough Time for Sex: Be sure there is plenty of time for foreplay and that you won’t feel rushed. Running out of time is a sure way to diminish your sexual desire.
  5. Keep Your Thoughts on Topic!: Don’t let yourself get distracted by what you need to do after sex (laundry, kids, work…). Whisper loving thoughts to your husband to help keep your mind involved with your love-making.
  6. Be Aggressive: Rid yourself of inhibitions and be the aggressive sexual partner once in a while! Your husband will probably be aroused by your boldness. Don’t keep yourself too relaxed or you may find yourself falling asleep before sex is done!
  7. Try Something New: A new position, a new location, new lingerie, a new time of day… Don’t let your times of intimacy be predictable or boring. Keep them hot!
  8. Treat Your Husband: Find out what especially delights him and then do it! Become a student of your spouse and make it your goal to please him out of this world! The best sex is when we want to gratify our spouse more than ourselves.
  9. Educate Yourself: Visit the bookstore or library or do some online research to find out how to have great sex! (Caution: Avoid the research whose content violates you and your spouse’s moral values.) Though there is some value to innocence and self-discovery, sometimes becoming educated will help you learn to overcome barriers to sex or learn how to enhance lovemaking.


Go for it, ladies! Don’t wait for your lost interest in sex to come back on its own. Take steps to take it back and increase sexual desire.

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