Why The Husband Is The Most Important Person

Why The Husband Is The Most Important Person

As goes the husband, so goes the marriage. As goes the marriage, so goes the family. As goes the family – so goes life. Tough thoughts? Yeah, for me too. The concept flies right in the face of the stuff Society feeds us.

See, men were created (designed) to shoulder responsibility – especially the responsibility of providing for their family. We were also created with needs directly related to this (like with the need for constant affirmation, encouragement. Wives, this is where you come in)!

You see it’s our job to provide for our family. We thrive in this role. It’s been hardwired into us, you know. And I guarantee – provision goes a lot deeper than just bringing home a paycheque. Are you husbands providing emotional security? Are you providing vision for your family? Leadership?

Dudes – it all comes down to you. This should scare you – but I’ll tell you what. Living that role is so incredibly exciting and fulfilling. Dive in.