Why I’m Trying to Be Selfish

Why I’m Trying to Be Selfish

Sarah and I have recently hit this very odd snag in our marriage.
Sar and I (I often call my wife ‘Sar’; it’s sort of a pet name. Short for ‘Sarah’) have a pretty awesome relationship. We love it. Being married is the bomb. Having kids is the bomb. We just love our lives.
We work hard to make sure we’re always putting each other first – which is good, even crucial. But here’s the snag:
Somewhere along the way, we’ve sort of lost touch with what each of us individually wants – which doesn’t really cause too many problems until I really want to pamper Sarah. I want to give her exactly what she wants and then some. So I ask her what she wants me to do for her… and she has no idea what to tell me.
This is frustrating to say the least. Apparently, we’ve worked so hard to put one another first, that we just plain lose touch with our own needs. As a husband, I really really want to know what my wife needs.

Here’s a challenge (that’s sure to get me shot or something):

Be ‘selfish’– for your spouse’s sake. Learn to listen and understand your own needs. That done, you’ll be much better equipped to communicate that to your husband (or wife).

If your husband is anything like me – he’ll snap that info up like the last piece of breakfast bacon.

Mmm, bacon.