Who Needs Date Nights? Pt.1

Who Needs Date Nights? Pt.1

Dr. Patrick Ward recently tweeted this marriage tip: There is a difference between spending time together and paying attention to each other. Try both!

Most married couples would claim that they spend plenty of time together and that, in fact, there is absolutely no need for taking any additional time for a date night.  Those couples are precisely correct… at least about spending lots of time together!

Just think of all the time husbands and wives are with one another:

    • in bed while sleeping (That’s got to count for at least 8 hours of time together!)
    • some couples commute to work together  (When you also include the time it takes to gas up and pick up morning coffees, without exaggeration we could say couples spend an hour a day together while commuting!)
    • what about all the time being together at home before and after work? (Wow! Husbands and wives are together a lot!)

So, why should they bother going through the time and expense to go on a regular date night? Simply put, though many husbands and wives spend hours together, they may not be focussed on one another at those times.  

to be continued…