Who Needs Date Nights? Pt.2

Who Needs Date Nights? Pt.2

Sadly, for many couples, bedtime is NOT a good example of spending quality time focussed on one another.  

    • Perhaps the wife goes to bed a lot earlier and is already asleep before the husband comes to bed.  
    • Maybe the bedroom television is turned on for some late night news watching as the couple falls asleep.  
    • Some couples are too exhausted to do anything but crawl under the covers, lie back to back, and with little more than a “good night”, are soon sleeping soundly.

The commute to work is typically no better! Dodging rush hour traffic, checking the Blackberry for the day’s agenda, discussing who takes Johnny to soccer practice, and listening to the morning radio show are not really conducive to quality focussed time.

Considering these scenarios helps us realize that calendarizing a regular date night would not only help us spend time together but also allow us to pay better attention to one another! Date nights typically include some good conversation, romance, fun, and focussed attention on one another.

And the bedroom scenarios? Bedtime is an excellent time to focus and connect with your spouse! Just be sure to…

    • go to bed together
    • keep the television out of the bedroom
    • spend a few minutes cuddling and talking (but not about work or tomorrow’s “to do list”)
    • have sex before falling asleep!

Be intentional about spending quality time every day with your husband or wife!