What’s a Dream Marriage?

What’s a Dream Marriage?

The Hollywood version depicts Barbie and Ken with all the money and glamour one could hope for, living out one continual honeymoon of Olympian sexual proportion—never growing old, never experiencing problems, and never encountering the kind of life all the rest of us cope with.

I’m not writing from Hollywood.

My life is full of challenges and struggles, and I’ve had my fair share of grief and disappointments: but I have my dream marriage. A dream marriage isn’t without problems: it’s a relationship of sacrificial love, mutual respect, and covenantal commitment.

In my dream marriage, Carrie and I do our best to live for each other’s well-being and joy. We’re proud of each other, compliment and esteem each other, and endeavour to meet each other’s deepest needs. Sex is frequent and fun.

We work hard at helping others with their marriages, and love investing in young couples preparing for a life of marriage ahead of them. Our investment in others, in fact, keeps us young and vibrant. Recently an older friend relayed to us a comment made to her by her adult daughter, “Mom, I can’t believe Jim and Carrie—they act like they’re still teenagers!”

Well, it’s no wonder: we have our dream marriage.