The Wedding Rings Story

Wedding Rings

The Wedding Rings Story

I really like my wedding rings.  Not only are they a symbol of the love Jim and I have for one another, but I’ve been wearing the rings for over 33 years!

About five years ago, I spent a few minutes with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to give my rings a gentle cleaning.  (Someone told me this was an inexpensive and effective way to bring back the sparkle and shine to jewelry.)  I took a close look at my engagement ring and noticed one of the claws holding the centre diamond had worn so thin that the claw was almost gone!

Jim and I knew we shouldn’t wait too long to get it fixed so we stopped by to see a local jeweller. The repairs and necessary resizing of the rings would take 7 to 10 days.  Rather than go ringless, I picked up a $10 ring to wear while waiting for my rings to be returned.  I wanted the public to know that I have someone who loves me enough to be married to me!

Can a ring tell a story?

My temporary ring while my wedding rings were repaired.

My rings are a symbol and celebration of the special love that Jim and I share with one another!  In fact, the promise I made on our wedding day during the “Exchange of Rings” is still so meaningful:

“Jim, I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow and commitment.
With all that I am, and all that I have, I honour you.”

Let’s take a minute to consider the significance of wearing wedding rings.  When out shopping at the mall, or at a restaurant, have you ever found yourself checking to see if other couples are wearing wedding bands? Occasionally, when we are out in public, Jim and I take notice of couples and, sadly, this is what we see:

Couple #1:   This is the couple, walking hand in hand, laughing together or glancing at one other with smiles on their faces.  Jim and I remark to ourselves, “I doubt that couple is married. Either they are newly dating or having an affair.” Often, when we check their left hands for wedding bands, we notice there aren’t any.

Couple #2:  This is the couple, sitting at the restaurant table in silence with unsmiling faces, waiting for their food order.   We wonder,  “Are they bored and run out of things to say to one another?” Unfortunately, we discover this couple is wearing their wedding rings.

Whenever we notice these types of couples, Jim and I are more determined to demonstrate that we have a healthy and happy marriage relationship.  We intentionally walk holding hands, smile, talk together, and put away our phones during meals!  We hope that our happy marriage inspires other couples to pursue their dream marriage too!

Our rings are a constant reminder that Jim and I belong together! As the wedding preacher often says…

“The weddings rings are a symbol of longevity in the Marriage covenant.
The circle of the rings symbolizes a never ending circle of love and commitment
which you are making. Always see the best in each other. Let each day
that you are together be full of the beauty of the never-ending love you have for each other
through the symbols of these rings.”