We have a Winner!

We have a Winner!

We are really excited to announce our 2011 Valentine’s Day Contest Winner! To be honest, we weren’t anticipating the high volume of quality entrants that we received; while choosing one winner was hard enough—trying to separate second place entrants was impossible! So, we decided to award 20 second-place prizes !


Congrats to our First Place Winner Amy Nordahl of California!  You’ll enjoy her winning entry:  “My husband of 14 years frequently lip syncs songs to me that are being played on the radio. With hand motions and all (like he’s in a musical). He ends up holding out his hand and we act like we are ballroom dancing all over our living room. Our 5 children who think we are crazy, end up joining in!”


Amy, as the first place winner, will receive …

  • “What Happy Parents Do–The Loving Little Rituals of a Child-Proof Marriage” by Carol J. Bruess and Anna D.H. Kudak (hardcover copy)
  • “What Happy Couples Do–The Loving Little Rituals of Romance” by Carol J. Bruess and Anna D.H. Kudak (hardcover copy)
  • 2 Journals (“his and hers”)
  • A Miscellaneous Collection of Fun Romantic Items!
  • Printed Copies of Each of our 6 E-Books ($46.90 value!)
  • A $25 Gift Certificate from Union28 Marriage Apparel
  • All of this is a value of over $100!

Our 20 second place winners will receive copies of 3 of our e-books:

  • The Seven Day Sex Challenge ($10 value)
  • Real Questions and Honest Answers, Volume 1 ($5 value)
  • Real Questions and Honest Answers, Volume 2 ($5 value)

Here are our Second Place Winners with short excerpts from their entries:

  • Jason: We will often stage arguments just so that we can make up.
  • Shay: …But at supper every night, after the blessing we always lean over and kiss each other. Our kids think it’s weird but for us…
  • Betty: … my husband and I used to draw love hearts for each other on the snow, that would be seen when we get back from work. Also we’d arrange grapes on the plate in the shape of hearts. And most of all, we’d say our family prayer wrapped in one shawl.
  • Nicole: My husband and I work at the same place. During breaks and lunch we call each others desks and pretend that we are secret lovers …
  • Chuck: When my wife would want to “fool around” in the shower, she would sometimes ask, “Honey, can you wash my back tonight”; in which I would always reply with a twinkle in my eye, “Sweetie Pie, I always have your backside” and then I would add a double wink!!
  • Phyu: Our couple ritual is … always “fight” when we meet …  It’s a kind of naturally designed silly fun but that sparks our relationship into never boring…
  • Denzyl: …I have always presented her with a gift on every 29th of the month which is our wedding anniversary date…
  • LaRhonda: (husband currently deployed) One thing that we really enjoy between the two of us is have internet dates.  … We skype, so I still dress pretty and do my hair as if we’re really going somewhere! … we’ll talk and eat our dinner together (all online) as if on a real date.
  • Veronesia: We go out … and we pretend we do not know each other and we meet all over again. Every time has to be different. It is very interesting to see his different strategies of approaching me or vice versa!
  • Vanessa: My husband Richard and I spend at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening NO MATTER WHAT to connect. In the morning I get up early … and we stand in the kitchen hugging and we tell each other we love the other. … In the evening, … we stop what we are doing, if we are on the phone we get off, if we have company we pause and take that time to greet our MVP. We look at each other as best friends and whatever else we are doing is just not as important as telling that person that they were worth stopping for. We have done this for our whole relationship and its in our hugs we know everything is ok…
  • Melissa: With 3 kids (2 whom are girls in their pre-teen years)… we have devised a code. Whenever we are out and I want to say I love you or vice versa, we squeeze hands 3 times. For make love, it’s 2 and we have added others along the years. It keeps us quiet yet allows us to know exactly what the other person is saying.
  • Steven: We take turns every other week proposing 3 new and different places to make love and then the other partner chooses the one he/she desires from those 3 for that week.
  • Cindy: Our favorite ritual is: setting the alarm clock for 1 hour before we have to get up. This gives us time to talk, snuggle and pray before our day starts! What a great way to start the day!
  • Shirley: When we are relaxing on or in the bed, I grab his butt with a little squeeze and say, “Hi, Butt”.  He wiggles his body all over and kind of giggles and gets goosebumps.  We laugh and it’s just a small part of the affection and love we have for each other.  We are both 67 yrs old and have only been married almost a year and a half.
  • Margaret: Every chance we get my husband and I pretend we are meeting for the first time.  We introduce ourselves at dinner at a friends or a picnic…
  • Ruth: We go out for to a nice restaurant have a romantic dinner; we order a bottle of wine and my spouse raises his glass and says a toast stating how special I am, how much he loves me and that he’s the luckiest man in the world; it “melts my heart” and sets the mood for the rest of the evening.
  • Bill & Rose: With 5 children in the house, ages 6, 8, 16, 18 & 20 we have to find ways to have impromptu hugs.  Whenever we catch each other alone in public areas of the house we seize the opportunity, knowing full well that our two young lads love to “catch us”; …if we’re found out they’ll yell “they’re hugging!!!”  Then the fun begins to playfully keep them from squeezing in…
  • Sarah: …We keep the romance alive by doing cute little things for each other throughout the day. Sometimes it’s little love notes over facebook, or spontaneous dancing right wherever we are! Often it’s being pulled into an empty room, like the bathroom for a kiss and an “I love you”. It’s always taking the time for all the little love words that keeps our romance alive and well!
  • Padmanabhan: I am from India…the land of rites and rituals.We have ritual for everything. You name it and we’ve got it. In India, the women put vermillon on their forehead as a symbol of being married.Every morning after bathing I put the vermillon on my wife’s forehead. At night, we make it a point to have dinner together from each others plate and from each others hand. Ie. I feed my wife … and she feeds me …
  • Laura: My husband and I have an amazing marriage.  The little special things we do, that maybe, is not physically touching.. but it is. The day my husband asked me to marry him, he had a look in his eyes that I had NEVER seen in his eyes before. The stare, the gleam in his eyes was unforgettable and he still does that to me to this day. We don’t really think about who is watching us or where we are. When he looks at me this way, I know what he is doing and I feel the touch in my heart. He is just an incredible man.. We have 4 kids between us and 2 grandchildren. My husband not only makes sure that he keeps me #1 at all times… He is my best friend–more than my partner–more than my soul mate. I love to see him look at me and have “the look” as I call it as I can FEEL every ounce of his LOVE for his wife…  ME. I am the winner and I am the lucky one. I am truly the happiest woman, wife, mother in the world and he is really TRULY the reason for that.  Doesn’t matter to me if I win this little sweet contest or not…I’ve always wanted to share with the world..  Thank YOU…  I love being apart of this site.

Again, congratulations to all our winners!