walk together

Walk Together … Don’t Make Her Chase You!

Husbands, when you walk together with your wife, you say something about your marriage relationship. Let me explain…

Last night, Jim and I made a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few items. I stayed in the car while Jim got what we needed. I wasn’t bored waiting! It’s fun “people watching”! I watched families, singles, and couples coming and going.

One couple caught my attention. They left their parked car and started walking towards the store. Within a few seconds, the guy was well ahead of his wife! I watched her awkwardly try to go faster in her heels to catch up to him but there was no way she could. Soon they were out of sight but I don’t doubt that when he reached the store entrance,  he kept on going inside oblivious to how far behind he’d left his wife.

I wondered “How does his wife feel right now?” Did she feel invisible and unloved? Perhaps he was in a rush and had lots on his mind. Regardless, he should’ve waited for her.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this happen before.  I suppose some men have never been taught that when you open the car door, walk together, or let your wife enter the door ahead of you, you demonstrate love and respect for her.

The man who offers his arm or reaches for his wife’s hand to walk together with her (as opposed to making her chase him!), helps her feel cherished, cared for, and loved.

Husbands, take notice next time you are out with your wife.  Do you walk ahead of her? Make the change to walk together!

(Ladies, are you the one who is always going ahead of your husband? Slow down and walk together!)