valentine's day

Valentine’s Day and the Three Heart Surprise!

Men, why not use the high expectations of Valentine’s Day to your advantage, and amaze your wife with your new, deep sense of romance!

Let’s face it, the element of surprise just isn’t going to be there…after all, it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re going to have to come up with a card, flowers, chocolates or any combination of the three! Expectations are sky high! Blame it on Hallmark or Lindorf, but we’re stuck. However, this is when the true romantics among us can really shine. Here’s how…

Take Valentine’s Day to a new level, and impress your lover with your thoughtfulness and deep romantic streak! (Don’t give me credit: pretend it’s your idea!)

Valentine’s Day and the Three Heart Surprise


    • Buy three Valentine’s Day cards, and three gifts to be given at intervals of one week, the first of course, to be given on the Big Day! (If you wait until February 15 to buy the second and third cards and gifts… they will be on sale!)
    • On your first card, draw 3 interconnecting hearts, with only the first heart coloured and filled in. Under the hearts, write “I love you – TODAY!”
    • After one week, give the second card with its gift; again, on this card draw 3 hearts and the second one coloured in, with the words “I’ll love you – TOMORROW!” Of course, this is the point when you score big points. This is a complete surprise and totally romantic. You’ll have your lover mystified and curious. She’ll ask, “What about the third heart?!” Don’t give in! Just smile and remain silent.
    • One week later, give the last card and gift—with all three hearts filled in with the words

“I love you today
I’ll love you tomorrow, and
I will love you FOREVER!”

Your lover will be talking about this special Valentine’s Day for a long time!