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Use These Date Questions on Your Next Date!

Dates with your spouse should be times when the two of you are drawn closer together. Good date questions are a really useful tool to help you have meaningful conversations together. In fact, the 20 questions we’ve put together will be an encouragement in several areas:

  • memories
  • future goals
  • feelings
  • secrets
  • problems
  • romance
  • and more!

Here is a small sampling of the questions we’ve compiled for you:

  • What are four or five things which attracted you to me before we were married?
  • Tell me a time when you really felt close to me. What made you feel that way?
  • If you could change anything about the way I treat you, what would it be?

Good date questions can easily be used after a romantic dinner, during a time at the park, or while traveling together in the car. It is important to ask the questions at the proper time and location. If a husband and wife use them during a romantic date, the questions will actually help the two of them communicate more easily. There are no distractions and the stress of the day has faded.

Some of the questions we’ve included are just for fun and will not be difficult to answer! Others will make you stop and think for a minute. Others could be challenging to answer. Answering honestly requires both you and your spouse to be vulnerable.

But that’s the beauty of taking time to use this list during a date! A romantic rendezvous will help both of you feel relaxed and have positive feelings towards one another. In fact, the answers that have potential to be difficult should be given with grace and gentleness. Ultimately, your time spent on these questions will draw the two of you closer and help each of you appreciate and understand one another too.

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Schedule a date with your spouse soon! Be sure to print a copy or two of the downloaded good date questions and bring them with you. Jim and I chose to only do half of the questions, with plans to finish them during a second date.

Have fun!

date questions