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Unique Ideas for Valentines Day Romance!

When choosing unique ideas for Valentines Day, remember that romance is a function of both creativity and the amount of planning that goes into producing the Valentine’s Day Experience for your partner.

Getting Started on Unique Ideas for Valentines Day

Since every woman expects a Valentine’s Day card,  they don’t really count as a surprise. The element of surprise is integral to the idea of romance.

However, if you don’t get the card, you’ve already backed yourself into a corner!

Just get the card! It’s the first step.

From this point on, creativity is the key. Chocolates and roses are ultra-standard, and boring. Yes, some ladies will still love them, but you’re replacing creativity with the safety of paying for the easy present. Instead, check out our list of simple, but unique ideas for Valentines Day!

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Treasure Hunt

These unique ideas for Valentines Day are a popular option for most women!

Husband spends time finding a suitable hiding place for a simple present (perhaps specialty chocolates). Even a simple knick-knack could replace the chocolates, because it’s the creativity and planning required that improves the romantic index!

Hide small and simple love notes (number them) directing your spouse from one room to another and then finally to the location of the surprise.

unique valentines day ideas for girls

Lingerie Fashion Show

-give your husband a Valentine’s Day Card with a surprise ticket inside

-the ticket admits him to a private Lingerie Fashion Show with you as the model!

-be sure the ticket names the time and location (ie your bedroom or hotel room)

-the en suite bathroom is your dressing room as you change from one sexy item to another

-ask your husband to choose a favorite lingerie outfit for you to wear to bed

Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

If you haven’t purchased a set of colourful, washable window markers for writing on glass, this is the time to invest in your own package! Purchased at virtually any art store or craft shop, these markers are indispensible for use on the bathroom mirror.

Spend some time decorating the mirror with messages of fun and love!

Sports Weekend Getaway

-make reservations at a romantic hotel with large-screened TVs in the rooms

-watch his favorite televised sports game with him, but you provide the “R rated” entertainment at half-time or between periods!

-order in some yummy food to feed to each other

The Ultimate Romance Idea!

Here’s the Ultimate: tell your spouse that you have purchased the 7 Day Sex Challenge home course to help pursue your dream marriage!

This course offers the epitome of romance, and the solid content that can radically improve your marriage, your romantic experience, and your sex life!

Check out the 7-Day Sex Challenge, and purchase it for your spouse for this Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Lottery

-make a list of 5-10 romantic “treats”… the kind you know he loves

-here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • I will watch your choice of movie with you
  • We’ll go together to a restaurant of your choice
  • I’ll go shopping for a new bra and panties but you get to choose the color
  • We’ll take a walk or drive to your favorite coffee shop or bookstore and spend some time together
  • We’ll have sex in a location of your choice

-write each treat on a separate index card; label the cards “Romantic Lottery”; put all the cards in a basket

-starting on Valentine’s Day, let him choose one lottery ticket each day from the basket

-he’s a winner every time!