physical intimacy

Touch Promotes Physical Intimacy

The experience of physical intimacy is a basic need for every one of us! Physical closeness is a prerequisite for every healthy individual. Touch…

  • relieves stress
  • makes us happier and healthier
  • allows an easy avenue to give and receive affection
  • strengthens every personal relationship
physical intimacy

We are all familiar with people referring to the need for our daily dose of vitamins: it’s every bit as true concerning physical intimacy! Single or married, we all need a daily dose of physical closeness and touch! Sexual intimacy is developed and heightened through sexual touching, part of foreplay. Our focus in this article is on non-sexual touching.

Touching that promotes closeness between family and friends happens through handshakes, putting an arm-around-the shoulder, reaching out to touch an arm while conversing, the hearty back-slap (careful with the appropriateness of this one!), as well as through many other non-verbal expressions. Touch strengthens every relationship, and is unique in developing and maintaining intimacy between couples.

Within a marriage, the stresses and pressures of life often influence couples at some point in their relationship to emotionally withdraw from one other somewhat. Arguments, conflicts, financial pressures, time demands with both jobs, families, and the inevitable preoccupation with children can all influence couples to feel twinges of isolation and loneliness—even within a committed, loving relationship. What is the answer? Non-sexual touch keeps the emotional doors open between husband and wife! Touch is not just the intersection of two physical bodies; it is the brief meeting of two souls.

The husband plays the key role here regarding non-sexual touch. Develop these good habits to open the door of emotional well-being and promote physical intimacy:

  • Gently brush your wife’s shoulder or back as you walk by.
  • Reach out to her, stroking her cheek while conversing and making eye contact.
  • Always open the car door for her and touch her as she enters the car.
  • Continue the habit of holding hands, especially when you’re in public.
  • Put your arm around your wife’s shoulders. It lets her know that you’re aware of her. It’s also an expression of how the two of you “belong together”.
physical intimacy

Reach out and touch your partner today!