G Spot Orgasm

For most women, the following conditions help to set the stage for a g spot orgasm. (Remember, it is also known as the “urethral sponge” or “Skene’s Gland”.) Wives need

  • a romantic setting free from distractions
  • to feel cherished and loved (without this, she may have great difficulty reaching orgasm)
  • a husband who patiently and softly kisses, talks lovingly, and cuddles (don’t go straight to her clitoris! Though remember, for many women, stimulation of the clitoris is the key.)
  • sufficient time and lubrication: foreplay must be unhurried and fun!

Husbands and wives usually differ in how they are sexually stimulated, how quickly they are aroused, their need for foreplay to climax, and the intensity of the climax.

It’s All About Her Pleasure!
Producing a g spot orgasm is all about bringing pleasure to the wife! Husbands—your turn comes later! Most husbands are surprised to learn their wives aren’t just wanting a climax like they are—their wife wants cuddling, caressing, and romantic talking just as much! Whereas a husband could easily explode into orgasm very quickly, instead, he has to learn to restrain himself and focus on pleasing his wife first to bring her to climax.

Although women’s experiences of orgasms (both clitoral and vaginal) can be quite different from one another, they are often closely aligned and definitely have commonalities:

  • setting the stage is very important: no stress (physical or psychological), relaxation, and an atmosphere of being loved and cherished
  • extended foreplay is critical to develop a slow, building of sexual excitement
  • after foreplay, both the clitoral area and the g spot will become engorged—becoming much easier to locate!

The g spot will be swollen, and then firm stroking and stimulation will bring the woman closer to orgasm.

Of course, at this point rapid stimulation of the clitoris would result in achieving climax as well. Rather than focusing on the clitoris, spend time applying pressure by rubbing the g spot. There often is a sensation of having to urinate (which can essentially be ignored, although make sure the wife empties her bladder beforehand!); continue stimulating with pressure.

For some wives, with a swollen g spot, clitoral stimulation at this point will produce a climax that is also vaginal to some degree, because it will produce female ejaculation, a common indication of climaxing in the area of the “urethral sponge”.

There is an unmistakable difference between a clitoral and g spot orgasm, in terms of depth and intensity. A G Spot orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation of a clear fluid (not urine!) and orgasmic contractions more powerful then clitoral orgasms.