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Christian Bubble

The Christian Bubble: part 3 in our series of articles about Christians and views of sex.  In previous articles: Dualism, and the Error in Pairs, we attempted to provide a brief explanation why the words Christian and Sex seem to be incongruous! Wrong thinking about what the Bible really says concerning Christians and sex has totally misrepresented God’s intention and design! Remember, sex was God’s idea!

Many Christians have Wrong Ideas about Sex:

  • Yes, God made sex, but we’re better off not talking about it.
  • Sex is meant to be private; talking about it so much just cheapens it.
  • Young couples engaged to be married don’t need much help—let them just explore and discover what sex is all about after they’re married.


What the Bible Really Teaches About Sex:

  • Sex is not sinful! It was designed for the committed monogamous relationship called marriage.
  • The Bible reveals that sex is a gift from God and is fun! (See the Old Testament book “Song of Solomon”)
  • The New Testament teaches that husband and wife should regularly enjoy sex together, and not deprive each other of sex. (See the New Testament book of First Corinthians 7:2)

Life in the Bubble

The combined effect of Dualism and the Error in Pairs is a view that makes Christians embarrassed and uncomfortable to talk openly about sexuality! In fact, this same dynamic applies to other areas that are equally uncomfortable to talk about. And so, many Christians end up retreating into a bubble of their own making: a fantasy-land where awkward, uncomfortable things are not talked about! Inside their bubble, they very quickly become oblivious to the culture around them. Why? The culture has awkward, embarrassing questions to ask! While the world is looking for answers for their messed up lives, many Christians are hiding in their bubble—their nice, safe bubble.

Are You In a Christian Bubble?

Unfortunately, many of us live in bubbles. For example, Christians have made some topics taboo in church. They say,

“Well, we can’t talk about that topic in church!”

Whatever that happens to be, it is off limits. Regardless of the need to find answers from God about that topic for those outside the confines of the church, it won’t happen! How contrary bubble-life is to the authentic Christian life Jesus had in mind!

Actually, the first place we should be talking about difficult topics should be in the church and in the homes of Christians! The church was meant to be the most authentic, genuine, truth-telling place in the world!

Instead of insulating ourselves from the needs and awkward questions of the world around us, let us purpose to invest in cultural relevance and answer the real questions real people are asking!

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