The Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe

Do you ever think how a deep breath of fresh air can be so exhilarating? Pausing to take a deep breath in wide open spaces seems to make us more alert to our surroundings and more grateful to be alive!

Encouragement is like that breath of fresh air!

I was six hours away from home in a Tim Hortons coffee shop for an early morning coffee.  I was reading the Bible and writing a Mother’s Day card to my wife.  A few tables away, I saw a man reading and I noticed the fact that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Through some cool circumstances, a few minutes later I ended up praying for him! He wanted me to pray for his family situation.  I didn’t ask for details but I sensed it was a God-moment and the Lord had me there because this man needed encouragement.

A couple of hours later, Carrie and I were leaving our motel. We noticed a young couple outside the motel entrance.  The young man was holding a tuxedo garment bag and a wedding dress.  It turned out they were married just the day before! Carrie and I congratulated them and spoke briefly about marriage and their new life together.  We also gave them a business card for The Intimate Couple website. We told them that our passion is to encourage couples in their marriages and wished them all the best in their journey together! I have no doubt that our random meeting is something this young couple won’t forget for some time!

Whether people are newlyweds, have been enjoying a healthy marriage, or are suffering through the  difficulties of a broken relationship,  everyone needs encouragement in their marriage.  I’d like to challenge you to bring the fresh air of encouragement to people you meet from day to day. A short conversation or a spoken prayer has the power to make a difference in someone’s life!