Ten Creative Valentine Ideas

Ten Creative Valentine Ideas

love-romantic-bath-candlelight-largeCreative Valentine Ideas can jump-start the romance in your relationship! That being said, we must resist the one-size–fits-all mentality, and recognize that one person’s romantic turn-on may be another person’s turn-off! Some wives love roses and others detest them—so you have to determine what your significant other will appreciate the most!

Even though we are going to use creative Valentine ideas, that doesn’t mean we won’t use roses and chocolates! The key here is the association of romance that works for your partner!

In addition, we need to balance two somewhat opposing ideas:

1. It’s the thought that counts.

2. Actions speak louder than words.

Both are true—but must be applied at different times.

Now, let’s come up with some creative Valentine ideas! 

Take Note! Some of these ideas require a romantic note, or “reasons why I love you”. For inspiration, or to simply cut-and-paste with no guilt, refer to other articles on this site! Also, check out our son Josh’s ebook: 52 Love Notes to My Wife Just click here for access to love notes that are sure to inspire you!

Start Using Ideas 1-3 Before Valentine’s Day!

Idea #1: A Rose a Day
*This idea requires 19 roses, and a 7-line poem or a list of 7 Reasons Why I Love You.

Beginning 7 days before Valentine’s Day, give your love 1 rose each day, and a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day. With each single rose given, include a post-it note with 1 of the “Reasons Why I Love You”. On the last day, present a dozen roses with a note that includes a compilation of all “7 Reasons Why I Love You!” Be sure you read the note aloud to your lover!

Idea #2: Deciphering Your Relationship
Leading up to the Special Day, start leaving love notes around the house. The creative and fun part of this is that the notes are written in code! Try this sample one:

Efbsftu Mpwf,
Zpv bsf bmm J xbou!
Ivht Boe Ljttft,

Clue: Decipher the note by replacing each letter with the letter before it in the alphabet

Idea #3: The Romance Collection
In the days leading up to V-Day, why not start a collection for your partner? For example, why not gather an angel collection, a teddy bear collection, a piano collection (not the real ones!), or an eagle collection?

The item you choose to collect must have romantic affiliation from the past. If not, begin the collection this year to establish a romantic link with whatever you choose to collect.

Included in an angel collection, for example, might be:

  • an angel lapel pin
  • an angel ornament for a Christmas tree
  • a clock with angels
  • angel figurines
  • a sweater with an angel print
  • an expensive angel made from crystal
  • or an inexpensive one made from plastic!
  • angel dolls, angel pictures, and angel jewelry are all options!

As you can see, a romance collection scores big points (and not necessarily expensive ones!) Each small gift added to the collection is another spark of romance—and provides gift ideas for a long time to come!

Creative Valentines Ideas #4-10 Can Be Used
on the Actual Valentines Day!

Where is the surprise here? Isn’t your significant other expecting you to do something on V-Day?Yes, but you have to be creative, and throw them off the trail! This is done by giving them what they expect (a nice card and a box of chocolates)—and then blow them away with a surprise later!

Idea #4: Outdo Hallmark!
Make a huge V-Day card out of a cardboard box! Spend time decorating your card with colored paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows!

Idea #5: Dozen Plus One
Buy 11 dozen red roses and 1 white rose. Attach a card that says, “There’s always one that stands out in every bunch. That one is you!”

Idea #6: Musical
Compile a custom-made song list on his/her ipod.

Idea #7: Past, Present, and Future
Write your spouse two notes: The first focuses on the long term … what you’re looking forward to in the future, what you’ve appreciate about your spouse over the years, what memories have been made and cherished so far.

The second focuses on the immediate …what can we do right now to bring joy and pleasure to each other? Massage each other’s feet? Serve her breakfast in bed, perhaps have sex right now!?

Idea #8: With and For Your Wife! 
Do something with your wife that you may dislike: go to a chick-flick, accompany her to the opera, help her pick out a dress. Then do something for your wife that you may dislike: do the dishes, laundry, and the shopping!

Idea #9: The One Day Coupon 
With a romantic home-made card, include a coupon “One Day of My Time Just For You”. Your spouse gets to dictate exactly what you will do for an entire day. No moaning or complaining! This will be a very special gift for the one you love!

Idea #10: Rewind and Re-Enact 
As men, we tend to forget how we acted when we were dating. Think back to the best date you ever had with your wife—what did you do? Rewind and re-enact that special date! Perhaps it was very simple, and to re-enact it, you might do something like this:

  1. Call your wife from work, and ask her out on a date!
  2. Take her to your favorite restaurant
  3. Over dinner, show her the list of 10 reasons why I love you, that you have compiled.
  4. Go to a movie of her choosing

Have fun using any or all of these 10 creative Valentine ideas! Think about what you know your lover would appreciate and use those ideas to spark more romance in your relationship!