The 7-Day Sex Challenge

Reset Your Sex Life with The 7-Day Sex Challenge.

The 7-Day Sex Challenge is a week-long,
at-home study course

Based on Biblical truths of commitment, design, rewinding, forgiveness, vows, and sex, the 7-Day Sex Challenge will increase the intimacy in your marriage, as you and your spouse embrace God’s best design.

[blockquote text=”‘The 7-Day Sex Challenge’ has definitely challenged us! Afterwards, we are experiencing a new closeness as a couple. As a direct result of this course, we have begun to experience levels of intimacy deeper than before – and we didn’t think we could be any closer! What a fantastic resource! If you’re considering taking the course – DO IT!

– John and Stacy” show_quote_icon=”yes” text_color=”#4c4c4c” width=”100%” quote_icon_color=”#4c4c4c”]

Why did we create this resource?

Over the years, we’ve connected with hundreds of couples from all over the world. We began hearing the same things being repeated time and time again:

  • we want sex to be fun for both of us – not a chore!
  • we want to have more (not less) fun in the bedroom as time passes.
  • we want to experience closeness and intimacy
  • we feel like we’re missing out…

In taking the 7-Day Sex Challenge, you and your spouse will experience a dynamic truth firsthand:

Improving your marriage and improving your sex life go hand in hand.

E-book $6 USD … Paperback $15 USD


Some of the primary benefits of The 7-Day Sex Challenge:

  • gain a solid understanding of true intimacy
  • deepen love & intimacy in your marriage
  • experience sexual fulfillment in your marriage
  • grow & strengthen your marital relationship
  • develop new, healthy habits to keep things hot

What to Expect from the 7-Day Sex Challenge

  1. For seven days in a row, you’ll have sex with your spouse.
  2. You’ll spend time each day talking, listening, asking questions, and trying new things.
  3. You’ll develop new marriage skills.
  4. You’ll experience God’s design for sex, intimacy, commitment, forgiveness, and more.
  5. You’ll develop new, healthy habits to continue the process of deepening intimacy and improving sex.


  • the couple who is ready to take action
  • the couple who doesn’t want to settle anymore
  • the couple who is willing to set aside just 7 days that can change everything
  • the couple who is serious about improving their sex life and improving their marriage

E-book $6 USD … Paperback $15 USD