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12 Feb Foreplay Techniques and Tips

This article is for men. Undoubtedly, there are foreplay techniques and tips that women can apply with their husbands, but let’s face it: men often need more help! Having said that, we do have to mention that these suggestions work for men and women alike!   T — I...

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12 Feb Enhance Sex with the Use of Sexual Aids

Sexual aids are tools to enhance sex and improve your sexual techniques with your partner. They are a fun and enriching part of a satisfying sex life. Most couples think of sex toys when referring to marital aids, but be sure you make use of our list...

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12 Feb How to French Kiss (Kissing 301)

Learning how to french kiss provides an intimate, passionate kiss where partners use their tongues, lips, and mouths. Since God designed both the lips and tongue to be highly sensitive and packed with nerve endings, a couple learning how to French kiss will enjoy an...

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