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30 Jun Female Orgasm 101

A key element to this Female Orgasm 101 class is emphasizing that the most important part in a totally exhilarating and satisfying experience, for both partners, is a slow and deliberate period of foreplay, where lovers can tease, play, and entice one another! ...

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29 Jun Help with Orgasms

Guys reading this are thinking, "I don’t need help with orgasms!" But most women know what I mean when I talk about the elusive female orgasm, because women have to work harder to enjoy this experience! When following God's design, we discover there isn’t anything like...

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01 May The Art of Foreplay

Although this may technically be the preparation phase of lovemaking, the art of foreplay shouldn’t be underestimated; classically for women, it’s the best part! It is here that intimacy is at a climax (pardon the pun!), and wives are most enjoying sexual closeness. The importance of the art...

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