sharing sexual fantasies

Sharing Sexual Fantasies Adds Spice!

Sharing sexual fantasies within a marriage is a very powerful mental and emotional process. The ability to imagine is the raw fuel for thinking, and can motivate significant change. Combine this awesome God-given ability with our sexual drives, then, and creatively telling sexual stories becomes a very potent force for good… or for bad.

Unfortunately, in our society there is an out-of-control appetite for sex and erotica that is encouraged throughout Western culture: seductive images are everywhere, in accordance to the well known marketing adage “Sex Sells”. Standing against the current of what is acceptable in our society, the Bible strongly warns against sexual lust and the pursuit of self-indulgence.

And so, the great beauty of intimacy and authentic sexual love is its focus on pleasing our spouse, not on self-gratification.

Regardless of all the bad, God has established clear, biblical parameters for sexuality, and within these boundaries, there is room for creativity and energetic displays of playfulness! Herein is the caveat: sharing sexual fantasies of a suggestive nature to a partner outside of a genuinely intimate relationship, as we describe it in this website, will most certainly be detrimental.

The stories shared between a couple must

  • be within God’s design of sexuality as described in the Bible (no lust for other people, etc.)
  • be aligned with the personal core values of each spouse, so the conscience of either spouse is not violated
  • be indulged in only when both partners feel comfortable, honoured, and are mutual participants
  • not bring disrespect or harm to the relationship
sharing sexual fantasies

We’ve gone to great lengths to talk about the harm telling “sex stories” can bring because we live in a lust-driven society. When husband and wife, however, are enjoying their God-given relationship in the way He has designed, creative sex storytelling can be a wonderful way to spice up their sexual relationship!