sexual frustration

Handling Sexual Frustrations … for Men

Sexual frustrations can be harnessed. Honest!

We all secretly wish (speaking only for the guys, now) that sexual frustrations wouldn’t exist at all!

Imagine if:

  • your sexual desire would be switched on only with thoughts of your wife
  • your marriage vows magically removed the desire for anyone except your beloved
  • your wife wanted sex as much as (or more than) you!


This kind of elimination of sexual frustration may exist in your dreams or in some parallel universe somewhere—but it doesn’t exist here on planet earth!

Precluding the parallel universe, here are three practical things you can do with your sexual frustrations:

A. Learn to turn your sexual urges and temptations into a trigger to immediately do three things:

  • Pray for your wife: ask God to enrich her life and supply her needs (partially through you!)
  • Thank God for sex with your wife; ask God for His love to flow through you to her
  • Pray for friends that have poor marriages, and ask God to extend His grace to them


B. Immediately contact your wife (if at all possible) and tell her you were reminded how wonderful she is, and you were just praying for her.

C. Pray for an unsaved friend or loved one that they may come to know Jesus as their Saviour. Pray that they may learn to trust Jesus for every area of their lives also.

Daily repetition of these 3 steps works. Honest!