Sexual Foreplay Tips to Arouse Her

Men, to experience and share great sex with your wife, be sure to use some of these sexual foreplay tips. There is an art to foreplay. Don’t just grab and squeeze, or head straight for her privates.

Foreplay IS NOT ABOUT kissing, breasts and intercourse …. all in five minutes!

Foreplay IS ABOUT courting and wooing your wife’s sensual responses and sexual arousal.

Let’s review the all important basics of foreplay.

  • Foreplay is part of the preparation phase of lovemaking.
  • Foreplay is focusing on helping your wife come to sexual arousal.
  • Foreplay must not be rushed. Spend at least 20 to 30 minutes on foreplay.

Sexual Foreplay Tips to Use BEFORE You’re in the Bedroom

Tips to Use When WARMING UP!

  • slowly start undressing her
  • give her tender kisses on the lips
  • gently stroke her face
  • take time to give her a full body or shoulder massage
  • gently caress all parts of her body (not just the typical “sexual” parts)
  • whisper and tell her how beautiful she is and how good she feels
  • kiss her softly all over her body
  • interlace your fingers with hers
  • caress her tummy (don’t tickle though!)
  • touch and fondle her
  • keep talking about how much you love her (unless you’re kissing)
  • try to discover new touch points on her body that are sensitive and bring sexual arousal
  • keep looking at her

Foreplay Tips to Use as Things GET HOT!

  • begin more passionate kissing (don’t underestimate this tip!)
  • start faster stroking and caressing of her body
  • include full body embracing
  • start oral stimulation such as licking and sucking
  • begin to caress her inner thighs
  • continue telling her all the ways you think she’s gorgeous and how much she excites you
  • squeeze and stroke her body

FINAL Sexual Foreplay Tips

  • move your hands from the top of her body all the way down until they reach between her legs
  • listen to your wife’s verbal cues… is she feeling discomfort or pleasure?
  • use lubricant to begin stroking her vagina and clitoris
  • gently massage her outer vaginal lips
  • pay attention to your wife’s body language; is she beginning to respond?
  • ask your wife to tell you what feels good to her
  • reach up to her breasts
  • kiss her passionately all over her body
  • massage her inner thighs
  • stimulate her clitoris and/or G-spot until she lets you know she’s ready for intercourse or ready to orgasm
  • don’t forget to keep talking to her; tell her how much you enjoy her body

Using these foreplay ideas will bring great benefits to you and your wife’s sexual relationship including:

  • increased awareness of your wife’s body and how she responds
  • great orgasm experience for both you and her
  • closer emotional intimacy as you focus on your wife’s sexual needs

So, remember:

Start Slowly and Gently

Speak Lovingly

Don’t Rush

Use Lubricant

Pay Attention to How She Responds