Sexual Confidence for Women

Sexual Confidence for Women

Sexual Confidence is achieved when love,
passion, and proficiency work together!

This article addresses achieving sexual confidence (written by me, Carrie, for women!), especially if you are a woman feeling awkward about the idea of visiting our website and reading the articles that will help you become more sexually proficient. Though I’m still working through my sexual inhibitions, I’ve learned a greater freedom as I’ve understood the importance of becoming sexually proficient and having sexual confidence.

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”  -John Ruskin

Biology teaches us the “how to have sex”. I remember my father giving my sister and I the “where babies come from” biology lesson. In grade 6, my school nurse taught the girls in our class about puberty, and hormone and body changes. Since being married and giving birth to our nine children, I’ve read countless articles and books, taken classes, watched movies, compared notes with other expectant or new moms, and asked my doctor questions. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about pregnancy and childbirth.

I’ve been eager to learn what I needed to know for these “basics”. Admittedly, I’ve also researched, studied, taken courses, and attended seminars regarding health, my occupation, raising a family, homemaking, and hobbies. Why have I been hesitant to teach myself about the area of my sexual relationship with my husband who is the most important person in my life!?

sexual confidence

Sex was God’s idea.

I must change the mindset that sex was man’s idea. Since God designed us to experience sex, then I believe He wants me to do it to the best of my ability! This is just as He would expect of me regarding parenting my children, relating to others, or working at my job.

Once I understood the importance of sex, I became motivated to spend time and effort in learning how to please my husband better, be fulfilled in my womanhood, and enjoy sex! I discovered that we women don’t need to feel ashamed for desiring to learn more about sex, how to get better “in bed”, and how to become great lovers! It’s never too late for a wife to improve her sexual skills. Whether you’re just getting ready to be married or have already celebrated many anniversaries, remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well! Important note… not just for women only: be sure to look for info on sex that doesn’t infringe on your values.

Do you know what’s been so great about becoming more sexually proficient and gaining more confidence in my sexual relationship with my husband? I find that not only does my husband enjoy the experience so much more, but so do I! I don’t just “get through it” but can “relish” sex from beginning to end!

There is no greater spiritual exchange between a man and a woman
than that of lovers loving well. –Lou Paget

Women, discover how meeting your husband’s needs will empower him to meet yours! 

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