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Sexless Marriage – a Tragedy!

It has been estimated that 20 million couples in the US alone are in a sexless marriage — sexless in the sense that the couples in question have sex less than 10 times a year (yikes!). Are you in a “No Sex Marriage”?

From the results of our February 2008 through July 2010 online Intimacy Survey representing more than 2500 responses …

a whopping 23.7% of those who responded stated they have a sexless marriage, according to the above definition.

This is tragic! A “no sex marriage” is an unhappy marriage!

Sex and Intimacy
It seems everyone would like better sex in their marriages. Again, from our Intimacy Survey, over 47% of total respondents indicated they weren’t satisfied with their sexual relationships. 

Part of the root cause may very well be that many couples fail to see the vital link between intimacy and sex. Husbands need sex, and yet neglect his wife’s need for intimacy. Wives need intimacy, yet neglect her husband’s need for sex… the wonderful design in marriage is that better sex happens with deeper intimacy!!

Instead, husbands tend to become frustrated because sex is lacking, and wives tend to become frustrated because intimacy is lacking. Couples are FRUSTRATED…

…it’s time to break the cycle, and learn God’s design for sex and intimacy!

When referring to intimacy (our favourite subject ), we like to use the analogy of the iceberg to convey the dynamics between differing forms of intimacy and sex in marriages.

A Sexless Marriage and the Intimacy Iceberg

We have all heard how the tip of an iceberg (what can be seen above the surface of the water) is only about 10% of the entire structure. What lies beneath the surface of the water is massive compared to what is visible to the eye. In the same way, what is under the surface in your MARRIAGE makes all the difference! 

Do you really want a sexless marriage?! If for some strange reason you answer, yes, then just keep on ignoring what’s under the surface!! A No Sex Marriage means trouble with intimacy in other areas!

sexual intimacy

Of course everyone wants to experience sizzling sex! However, below the surface of all fulfilling, sizzling, sexual relationships are authentic emotional, intellectual, and spiritual connections. Remember, sex is just the tip of the intimacy iceberg! Work on the other types of intimacy first!

For more on Intimacy and Sex: The Seven Day Sex Challenge! is a program we have designed to enhance intimacy in seven days. It works! Eventually what you’re after in this seven day challenge is real intimacy. The pursuit of increased intimacy is something that is a life-long endeavor. But in the seven days of this challenge, you will practice things that will change how you think, behave, and act—let’s face it, you need a change!!

Now don’t think about how your spouse needs to change—it’s you that you have to work on!!

To help your sexual relationship, click here for information on our “intimacy in marriage course” e-book… The Seven-Day Sex Challenge!