Sex Tips for Women to Use as Foreplay

Sex Tips for Women to Use as Foreplay

Our 30 sex tips for women will allow wives to bring their husbands to new heights of sexual arousal! And, amazingly, while using these foreplay tips, wives will find themselves more easily aroused too!

sex tips for womenIt’s been widely understood that women need more foreplay to become aroused for sex. Numerous books, websites, blog posts, and magazine articles have been written to give men suggestions for foreplay. Just glance at your local corner store’s magazine covers and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

But… foreplay is equally as important for a man. Husbands find lovemaking even more enjoyable when wives creatively incorporate arousal techniques. Men are especially aroused by what they see and so it make’s sense that sex tips for women to use with their husbands include visual stimulation. So, in no particular order, here are our 30 sex tips for women:

  1. go slow to build his anticipation
  2. include passionate kissing
  3. press your entire naked body against his
  4. shower together using body wash to lather one another
  5. keep the lights on
  6. use scented candles and mood music to involve all of his senses
  7. use massage oil
  8. be aggressive, initiate and take the lead with making love
  9. use a variety of positions
  10. use your hands to apply pressure/massage his back, buttocks, legs, chest
  11. tease with your mouth, your hands
  12. undress very slowly without letting him touch you
  13. dance for him
  14. tell him what you will do to him
  15. do everything while standing, or sitting, instead of always lying down
  16. use whipping cream or other yummy edible treats on his body
  17. let him watch you playing with your breasts
  18. give him a backside view of your naked body
  19. include a “story time” (tell him a fantasy about the two of you)
  20. wear sexy lingerie
  21. whisper into his ear
  22. send him erotic texts during the day
  23. lift your hands over your head to give him a better view
  24. run your fingers through his hair
  25. allow your hair or breasts to stroke his penis
  26. look into his eyes while telling him you love him
  27. wear one of his shirts
  28. gently play with his scrotum
  29. choose a different room or location for lovemaking

We have no doubt that you and your husband can think of more ideas to use that work really well for the two of you. Have fun incorporating some of the foreplay ideas from our list soon!