Sex Isn’t Always Easy

Sex Isn’t Always Easy

If sex was easy, everyone would be doing it.

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute! I thought everyone was doing it!”

Actually, researchers believe that more than 20 million Americans have sexless marriages! Add to that mix the high levels of promiscuity, erosion of cultural norms and moral fiber in society over the last few decades, and you are setting the stage for the present generation of young-adult, married couples bringing emotional, spiritual, and sexual baggage into their marriages and relationships in staggering proportions.

sex isn't always easy

In other words, so-called sexual freedoms of the past make messed-up marriages in the present. And the first thing to always go in messed-up marriages is sex and intimacy. Ironic, isn’t it?

Is there a solution?

Oh yeah, absolutely! God’s design for sex, marriage, and life as found in the Bible points to an awesome Creator who designed sex and marriage to be the ultimate experience. By following His design, we find that pursuing our partner’s well-being and pleasure above our own is the way to personal fulfillment and happiness in our marriages.

Even complicated, messed-up marriages can be fast-tracked to awesomeness with three decisions:

1. Learn and embrace God’s design for marriage and sex (read through our website!)
2. Put your spouse first in every area of your life!
3. Make a decision to have sex and enjoy each other!

It isn’t always easy to bring yourself to these decisions, but when you do—the dream marriage is within view!