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Sex Frequency and the Calendar

Prioritize sex frequency by making an appointment on your calendar for “times of intimacy”. This may be the first step toward strengthening your relationship as a couple. Why not mark sex on the calendar (in code!). It will be a date to remember!

Is your life stuck on “fast forward”? Intentionally take time for romance and sex. Do you find that the urgency of the moment and life’s multiplied pressures prevent you from enjoying your marriage relationship? Is your life such a whirlwind of activity that you are left fatigued and stressed? Then it’s time to come up with a plan! Take control of your relationship, and plan some intimacy!

There are huge benefits of giving sex more priority. You will discover how enjoying each other sexually brings life into perspective, reduces feelings of pressures, and relieves stress!

Spontaneity in a sexual relationship is an irreplaceable ingredient—-it is spelled F-U-N, and keeps life youthful and exciting. But giving more priority to intimacy through scheduling doesn’t mean we forget about spontaneity! It means we safeguard it. Where there is a lack of romance, sex, and intimacy, there is a marriage in trouble.