Settling for a “Good Enough” Marriage?

Settling for a “Good Enough” Marriage?

Jim Collins, in his classic business/leadership book Good to Great, discusses the powerful concept of Level 5 Leaders.  Level 5 Leaders lead their lives and their businesses to great success.

Are you a Level 5 Leader in regards to your marriage?  That’s what it will take to move your marriage from good to great!

“If good is the enemy of great—and I believe it is—the current trends in leadership give the decided edge to the enemy.” ~Jim Collins

Let me challenge you to take on the Level 5 Leader qualities and you will see your marriage move from just “good enough” to absolutely great!

Level 5 leadership qualities and how they apply to our marriages:

  • embrace personal humility; defer to our spouse’s needs
  • strengthen the will; do the right thing no matter how hard it is!
  • are ambitious for the cause; do we make choices based on our own selfish wants or for the good of our marriage?
  • practice “the window and the mirror”;  give your spouse and others credit for successes (look out the window to see others) and be willing to take personal responsibility for failings (use the mirror to view yourself)
  • effectively inspire with integrity and hard work; be sincere and hard working in leading your marriage

Whew! Developing Level 5 Leadership Qualities is challenging, but that’s what it will take to have a Great Marriage!  Don’t settle for just a “good enough” marriage.  Commit yourself to leading your marriage and family to success!