Seriously—Humour Works!

Seriously—Humour Works!

Well, I had this love letter I had to write—um, wanted to write. It took a bit to get into the flow of inspiration, but once I was in it, I was waxing eloquently and thought I’d describe in vivid detail the experience of orgasmic bliss and the effects of subsequent waves of oxytocin! (You remember oxytocin?…it’s called the love or cuddling hormone. Its production helps create the warm fuzzy feelings we experience!) Honestly though, I didn’t mean for it to be funny.

Anyway, in my wife’s eyes my serious love letter turned into this humorous note–and she liked it! I mean she really liked it! I sent the note via email (I love the personal touch), and within moments Carrie responded via chat:

Jim: read my love letter?
Carrie: Yes! Eyes a little teary but I was able to keep my emotions under control. I love you, Jim!!!!
Jim: what?
Carrie: I was touched!
Jim: was it my description of orgasmic bliss that did it?
Carrie: actually, no.
Jim: waves of oxytocin…?
Carrie: no, just the whole idea that you took time to write me a love letter. I felt so special!

Ok, a guy’s writing prowess is pretty bad when a serious love letter is interpreted as humour. But I think, “Who cares?!” Carrie was “teary eyed”, “touched”, and feeling “so special”.

Translation—I scored!