Say It With Flowers

Say It With Flowers

This morning while at work, Jim surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful orange mini-carnations.  He was thoughtful enough to also bring an empty vase from home to put the flowers into!

Sure, the flowers brought cheer to the office, but even more so, they made me feel loved and special.  Jim’s words on the card read “Thinking of you … always!” and his gift of flowers proved that statement was true. 

We can express our care and thoughtfulness to our spouse by giving a gift or a kindness. Making your spouse a coffee, tea, or snack before they’ve even mentioned that they’re thirsty or hungry clearly says, “You’re in my thoughts and I Iove you enough to stop what I’m busy with to show you I care by doing something special for you.” So when a spouse takes time from their busy day at work or home to prepare that kindness, stop and appreciate how he/she loves you enough that thoughts of you are their #1 priority!

The next time you’re tempted to give flowers to your wife or show your husband a special kindness, consider the importance of the message you’re sending to him/her.  And when you’re on the receiving end of the gift or kindness, be thankful that your spouse isn’t too busy to think of you!