sacrificial love

Sacrificial Love in the Bad Times

For many of us, the vows we spoke on our wedding day were sincere—although completely unproven. We declared our love to be sacrificial love… for richer or poorer, and for better or for worse—never thinking we would get poorer or worse!

A news post tells the story of a bride and her husband, from Knightdale, North Carolina, who were married July 22, 2011, fourteen months after Rachelle Friedman Chapman was left paralyzed by a pool mishap.

Through it all, Chris Chapman and Rachelle Friedman have been there for each other.

Their story of a young woman paralyzed at her bachelorette party and determined ever since to regain her independence has inspired a legion of supporters who have kept up with her therapy and, most recently, their fantasy wedding and honeymoon…

The couple told reporters there was never a chance Chapman would have called off the relationship after the traumatic injury.

With Rachelle a quadriplegic, married life for them is radically different from the vast majority of us reading this post! What sets this couple apart, though, is the sacrificial love at work in their marriage.

This story is a vivid reminder that the radiant facets of true love—sacrificial love—is best seen highlighted in the bad times!