Romantic Ideas for Men to Use

Romantic Ideas for Men to Use

pure-romanceTypically, men don’t want to stop for directions; neither are romantic ideas for men such a popular topic! Men and romance are not words we naturally think of as being associated!

That being said, we must not paint every guy with the same brush (I, for one, am a hopeless romantic!). But for all those in need of a few coaching tips—we have some ideas and resources to keep in mind.

A romantic gesture can go a long way in promoting an atmosphere leading to intimacy; however, when overused, a gesture becomes routine and may actually become counter-productive. Romance requires the components of surprise, variety, and spontaneity.

Romance Ideas for Men:

  • Do some homework! Read articles on relationships. Buy a book on romance and inform your wife that you want to read it with her (you will earn bonus points with that suggestion!)
  • Your goal is to make your wife feel special: that is the long and short of romance. When she feels cherished, you’re on your way to being a successful romantic!
  • It really is the thought that counts; your actions don’t have to be grand and extravagant: simple and meaningful expressions will also work wonders.
  • Let me suggest the following books:
    • If Only He Knew, by Gary Smalley
    • 1001 Ways to Be Romantic by Gregory Godek