The rocks at Cabo San Lucas

Romance is a daily thing, BUT…

7 Day Sex Challenge at Sea Cruise

We totally believe romance should be an everyday effort.

But, setting aside dedicated time away to ignite passion, deepen intimacy, and transform your marriage is also a MUST!

What are some of the romantic options we’d suggest? Well for starters, have you heard about The Seven Day Sex Challenge at Sea Cruise? It’s sure to be a blast and a totally romantic adventure! And you get to embark on it with yours truly, our friends Eva and Tony Cortens, and other like-minded couples!

I mean, what’s more romantic than the Mexican Riviera, 7 days of ‘special homework’, and hanging out with other couples who want to transform their marriage? And of course, don’t forget the part about being on a luxury cruise liner!

Your answer should likely being, “not a lot”. (we’re just kidding)

In all seriousness though, we’d love for you to join us.

Have you considered joining us? Seriously?

Every marriage deserves an experience like this. Not only will it be totally memorable, but it will be totally transformative! It’s easy to book a vacation with your spouse, get busy ‘being on vacation’, and then it’s over, in the blink of an eye! So what’s different about this cruise?

Our focus! Together, we’ll be intentionally working on transforming our marriages and deepening intimacy! Remember, throughout the week, we’re going to be intentionally working on our marriages. Here’s how:

  • group sessions where we work through different intimacy-related topics
  • women-only and men-only sessions
  • opportunities to meet with us one-on-one
  • daily ‘homework’ (7-Day Sex Challenge, hint hint…you can even start practicing now)

If you have any specific questions about the cruise, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Learn more here.

Will we be meeting you on the high seas?

Some of the stops on the Cruise:

The rocks at Cabo San Lucas

The rocks at Cabo San Lucas (Day 2 of the cruise holds some neat excursion opportunities, like this one!)


The beautiful Mazatlan Shoreline

The beautiful Mazatlan Shoreline — we’ll be here on Day 3


MS Westerdam Cruise Liner

MS Westerdam Cruise Liner