Romance is the Best

Romance is the Best

Romance, the language of love!

Is there anything sweeter to receive than romantic advice? Well, that depends on whether you’re a man or a woman!


For most men, romance is the doorway to intimacy that will (hopefully!) lead to sex. On the other hand, most women would not view romance as a means to an end at all: pure romance is the end itself!

Herein lies one of our problems, men! We don’t easily think like women.

Stereotypically, advice for men consists of the recipe approach:

  • buy cards and chocolates
  • order roses and scented candles
  • dim the lights, put on soft music
  • look in her eyes, say “I love you!
  • cook until very hot at 350 degrees

Basically, that’s the recipe approach to romantic advice! When we focus on intimacy, however, we highlight the behaviours and values that promote closeness between lovers. Here are four different areas to consider:

  • spiritual intimacy
  • emotional intimacy
  • intellectual intimacy, and
  • sexual intimacy

To develop romance, we focus primarily on emotional intimacy and the things that help us grow closer to our lover as it relates to connecting with our feelings. However, romance also needs intellectual intimacy–we must grow closer by understanding our lover. Herein is a man’s biggest challenge!

Most men know women want romance, but aren’t quite sure what to do; they discover many unspoken expectations that easily sabotage any sort of “recipe approach” to romance! The solution is to become a student of your wife–learn how she thinks: her likes, dislikes, opinions, attitudes, and values. As you pay this special attention to your wife, it won’t take long before romance isn’t so hard. Making gestures that are thoughtful, sensitive, and loving you will come second nature–and you will discover your true romantic self! 

Watch this video and you may just be inspired to write your lover an original loveletter!