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Articles, Books, and Courses to help Build Your Dream Marriage

Welcome to The Intimate Couple’s Resources section, a list of the tools and strategies we recommend for building and strengthening your marriage.

We have tested and tried every resource on this page! Many of the resources listed here have been crucial over the years as we’ve built our own dream marriage.




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Popular Articles


Love Letters 101 – An excellent primer on writing meaningful, romantic love letters. read now.


Men and Relationships – Advice for women who feel their husbands are distant or lack romance… read now


Arousing Her – Guys, arousing your wife doesn’t have to be a stab in the dark. Read this article for simple, practical advice! read now


Marriage Retreats for Vision and Goal-Setting – Getting out of your normal routine and circumstance can have great benefits for your marriage! read now


Intimacy Survey – Over 10,000 people have taken our survey. It’s designed to foster meaningful conversation in couples. read now.


Marriage Conflict and Intimacy – Conflict doesn’t have to cause emotional separation. It can be something that brings you together! read now.


Books and Courses


The Intimate Couple’s Handbook – This book contains everything an intimate couple needs to know as they’re building their dream marriage: $7.99 USD, purchase here


The 7-Day Sex Challenge – a week-long at-home course for husbands and wives who want to hit ‘reset’ on their sex life. The course material is based on Biblical principles and has awesome, AWESOME homework… $15 USD,  purchase here.


Discovering 4 Areas of Intimacy – A vibrant sex life is an extension of sexual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy. Want to learn more! FREE (email download), get here.