Relationship Warning Signs for Losing Intimacy

Relationship Warning Signs for Losing Intimacy

relationship warning signsUse the following questions to help identify relationship warning signs that indicate you and your spouse are losing intimacy.

Relationship Warning Signs for Spiritual Intimacy

  • Is your partner unwilling to forgive you for past hurts?
  • Does your spouse ask God for help in solving your problems?
  • Has your partner’s love for God waned?
  • Will your partner make excuses for missing church?
  • Does your spouse exhibit poor character qualities such as impatience, and selfishness?
  • Do you and your spouse find it difficult to resolve conflicts?


Indicators of a Decline in Emotional Intimacy

  • Does your partner become angry with you, so that you feel nervous?
  • Is there resentment for you spouse simmering under the surface of your emotions?
  • Are promises frequently broken in your relationship?
  • Does your spouse use harsh words or sarcasm when speaking to you?
  • Has romance disappeared in your relationship?
  • Does your spouse suffer from bouts of depression?
  • Does your partner demand things are always done their way?
  • Is your spouse a nag? Do they constantly focus on the negative perspective?
  • Does your spouse take you for granted and become unappreciative?
  • Has your partner stopped showing you obvious affection?


Warning Signs for Intellectual Intimacy Problems in a Relationship

  • Is your conversation dominated? Are you always interrupted?
  • Is your spouse frequently criticizing you?
  • Does your partner disapprove of you spending time with your friends or relatives?
  • Are the words, “I love you” said to you often?
  • Is your spouse overprotective and stingy when it comes to all issues dealing with money?
  • Is there a lack of purpose and focus in your partner’s life?


Relationship Warning Signs for Sexual Intimacy

  • Is guilt ever used to convince you to have sex?
  • Is there any attempt to persuade or demand that you do something you don’t want to do?
  • Is pornography being viewed by your spouse? Does he try to persuade you to view it?
  • Has sex become a duty?
  • Is sex happening less frequently?
  • Is your spouse spending too much time with the opposite sex?


If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must let your spouse know that you are concerned about these warning signs. Suggest that the two of you go together for help and advice from a trusted counselor.

Once you’ve experienced even just a few of these indicators, you and your spouse must work at deepening intimacy. Don’t wait until intimacy levels are completely depleted!

If you’ve answered “yes” to many of these questions, then appeal to your spouse to join you in doing whatever it takes to gain back the intimacy that has been lost. It will take effort, but the results are totally worth it!