Recharge Your Sexual Desire

Recharge Your Sexual Desire

Recharge Your Sexual Desire So You Can Continue to Enjoy Both Parenting and Sex

  • recharge your sexual desireHave sex! Great sex energizes rather than depletes you.
  • Guard your thoughts. The mind is your major sex organ! Replace thoughts of boredom, fatigue, and fear with excitement, energy, and confidence.
  • Buy sexy underwear and then wear them at home, even during the day!
  • Shop for sexy lingerie.
  • Get a massage.
  • Work out.
  • Read books or magazine articles on sexuality.
  • Buy scented candles to use at night.
  • Write your husband a sexy love-letter.
  • Spend time planning what you will do later for your husband’s sexual pleasure and what you’re going to ask him to do for yours.

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