Random Acts of Kindness… Towards Your Spouse!

Random Acts of Kindness… Towards Your Spouse!

• Serving me breakfast in bed
• Opening the car door for me
• Cleaning up the kitchen
• Bringing me home flowers
• Giving me a “thank you card”
• Making me lunch
• Pouring me a glass of cold water
• Serving me dinner before the rest of the family

These are just a few of the ways Jim demonstrates kindness to me in our marriage.

Kindness is listed as one of the “fruit of the Spirit” in the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Galatians (see chapter 5) and is integral to every healthy relationship.

Kindness expresses that we cherish the other person and do not take them for granted. Kindness says, “You are valuable to me.  I will treat you with care and respect.”

Be intentional about showing kindness to your spouse often!