female orgasm

Sex and Fun!

Sex is meant to be fun!

The therapists, technicians, and scholars who have studied the dynamics and complexities of the sexual experience between a husband and a wife will all concur that sex in marriage is complicated! Seeing that sex is more than hormones, plumbing, and an orgasm, no one should be surprised that interpersonal relationships, family stresses, medical health, occupational pressures, and even the colour of print in the bank book can greatly affect our experiences of sex. Sexual desire that began like a raging forest fire in the heat of summer can be reduced to cold ashes in winter.

How do you fix it?

Here’s the short answer: have fun.
That’s right; simply decide to have fun with each other. Just fun. No pressure to perform, to do it just right, to repair all your problems, or to heal your tortured souls. Just have sex and have fun.

  • Have sex often.
  • Do it fast.
  • Do it slow.
  • Be silly, be serious, be whatever you want to be—but just have fun.
  • Don’t be too analytical, don’t be too profound, and don’t be too reflective.
  • Laugh, play, sing if you want to, but have fun, lots of fun. Have as much sex-fun as you can.


Problems will still be there; the bank balance will be the same as before. The big difference, though, is that life will get better, simpler, and… as you would guess—a lot more fun!