Non verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication

Given that “actions speak louder than words”, it’s easy to understand why non verbal communication is so important to the development of intimacy. Communication in relationships may very well be the critical component of success in developing intimacy. Ignorance of your partner’s personality, background, style of interaction, and love language all cause communication barriers that will prevent intimacy. When addressing this problem, however, we almost exclusively think of spoken words.

How Do You Build Intimacy Without Words?

What does non verbal communication look like?

  • Putting your arm around her shoulders
  • Gently touching her arm, shoulder, or back whenever you pass each other
  • Smiling at one another from across the room
  • Linking arms with his
  • Holding hands
  • Making eye contact with one another in a crowd
  • Holding the door open for her
  • Caressing her cheek
  • Stroking his hair
  • And of course, there’s always hugging and kissing!

Of all the ways to nurture intimacy, communicating non-verbally is by far the most powerful. A gentle touch or caress bridges the barriers between two lovers. Although surrounded by many people, even the meeting of eyes with a knowing smile can provide a “caress” from a distance!

Let’s face it, guys, most of us can use improvement in this category! Most women need non-sexual touch to feel cherished, and yet something so simple is often overlooked. Take our list and practice at least a few of the ways to communicate non-verbally every day. The key is consistency. You won’t be disappointed with the results!