Men and Relationships

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Men and Relationships

Ladies, you don’t have to be married very long before you have some surprises about men and relationships! William Harley in his book, His Needs, Her Needs, correctly points out that when comparing the average man and woman, they don’t have the same needs at all! Right at the top of a woman’s list of needs would be communication and affection. A guy’s top needs seem to be sex and respect!

A woman’s primary connection with her husband is through their emotional relationship; a man tends to primarily connect with his wife through their physical relationship. This is not to say men and relationships are only based on sex—not at all! However, sex is a primary way a husband connects with his wife.

Women and Relationships
A wife may feel her husband does not know how to meet her emotional needs. She may feel he is distant, and lacks romance. Her best approach is to recognize that her husband’s emotional connection with her will be enhanced as she meets his sexual needs.

Men and Relationships
Conversely, a man who believes his wife is not meeting his sexual needs will find his best approach is to commit to meeting her emotional needs through non-sexual affectionconversation, and increased sensitivity to her feelings. This approach provides her with the greatest potential to meet his sexual needs.

Sex: Better Than Anti-Depressants! 
When a husband’s emotions are low, and he is depressed about something, or is feeling battle weary due to the stresses of life, his wife has the ability to provide him with the emotional lift he needs by initiating sex! Women, you may be surprised, but it is amazing how through physical intimacy, your husband is best able to connect at a deep emotional level with you. This commitment on your part to meet his needs is a statement of love, support, and affirmation that energizes and refreshes his spirit, soul, and body.

Your Dream Marriage
Your dream marriage is simply a decision away! When you say to your husband, “I am committed to meeting your sexual needs, though they may be different than mine”, then awesome things begin to happen in your marriage.

As wives unconditionally commit to meeting the needs of their husbands, they will discover they are empowering their husbands to better meet their needs!