marriage trouble

Marriage Trouble Can Be Overcome

Dealing with marriage trouble is a difficult endeavor, but can be overcome! There are answers for an unhappy marriage when couples are willing to fight for their relationship.

Marriage repair almost always involves couples changing their hearts and minds about issues that may have been long-standing. When they acknowledge their problem, take personal ownership, and plot a direction of action, there will be positive results! The husband and wife may decide to take a course together, read a book, or seek biblical marriage counseling; regardless of the steps, they are communicating, and intentionally dealing with their issues. 

How Do I Know My Marriage is in Need of Repair?

Read through the following list of signs of relational difficulties and, if you check any of the items, roll up your sleeves and get ready to work at fighting for the intimacy you and your spouse want and deserve!

marriage trouble
  • deteriorating communication
  • feelings of isolation, entrapment
  • regular expressions of anger
  • living separate lives; different interests, different social calendars
  • poor, unsatisfying sex life
  • married life is mundane and difficult


Did you check any items in the above list? Don’t fret… free marriage advice is available! A long-lasting marriage that actually improves over time involves continually developing emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical intimacy. Check our list of 30 marriage tips and work through the rest of our site for plenty of resources to help both of you experience the intimate relationship God designed you to have with your spouse.

We encourage couples to use our Intimacy Survey as a tool to help them communicate relationship problems to one another in a safe forum. Check out our free quiz for married couples!

(For a more in-depth test for loss of intimacy in marriage, check this article for more questions to ask when looking for relationship warning signs.)