Loveletter to My Husband

Loveletter to My Husband

A simple, inexpensive way to express my love to Jim is to write a loveletter to my husband. All it takes is a few minutes of my time, a meaningful greeting card or sheet of stationery, and a loving heart!

loveletter to my husband

The most fun time for me to write a loveletter to my husband is when there is no special day or event that makes Jim expect to get a note or card from me. Jim gets my written expression of love as a pleasant surprise! 

You may be thinking “But I’ve never been good at creative writing” or “I’m terrible at grammar and spelling”. Your husband will appreciate the effort you make especially when writing is out of your comfort zone. He won’t be evaluating your loveletter on an academic level.

The most important part of your loveletter is the emotion and feeling behind the message and the fact that you’ve been thoughtful enough to take time to express your love and commitment to your husband. Here are a few tips I use when I write a loveletter to my husband that I’d like you to make use of:

  • Use your calendar to remind yourself to take opportunities to write a loveletter to your husband.
  • Keep some pretty stationery on hand for times when you want to use something a little more special than plain paper.
  • If you find it challenging to find words to express your feelings, why not stop by a card shop and purchase a greeting card with a pre-written message that expresses exactly how you are feeling?
  • When you notice that your husband is feeling discouraged, give him an encouraging loveletter affirming your belief in him and appreciation for him.
  • Write a note letting him know how proud you are of him when he’s had a promotion at work, finished a project, or made a significant accomplishment.
  • Before sealing the envelope, give your loveletter a quick spray of the perfume your husband likes you to wear. Another pleasant surprise for him!
  • Slip a loveletter inside his packed lunch or on the driver’s seat before he leaves for work. Tell him you’ll miss him.
  • Give your husband some real excitement with a special sexy message! Why not include a “coupon” for a sexual treat from you that he can cash in at the end of the day!
  • Occasionally send your loveletter to your husband through the mail.
  • Take advantage of special days or events. His Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and a Wedding Anniversary are obvious occasions that warrant you taking some extra time to add a special message to a gift or card for him.
  • Be sure to give loveletters to your husband even when there seems to be no other reason to except that you love him!

writing loveletter

How Can I Write a Loveletter to My Husband if
I’m Not Feeling “Loving” Towards Him?

There may be times when writing a loveletter is challenging because you and your husband have just gone through a difficult time in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve had an argument or he has really disappointed you. The emotional sentiment of love isn’t something you’re feeling right now. I’ve found that this may be the very best time to give a loveletter to my husband!

Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Begin to mentally consider …

  • those character qualities that you appreciate about him
  • how he has recently invested in your marriage and family relationships
  • what he did to make you feel special on your birthday or anniversary

Are you beginning to feel a bit more loving yet? Here are a few more challenging considerations.

  • Think about your part in the argument that has brought a “distance” between you and your husband
  • Consider how the disappointment that has you upset now will probably not matter a month from now
  • Remember your wedding day promise “to love and to cherish… till death do us part”

Now are you ready to write? This loveletter will probably be different from any others you’ve written. Perhaps you’ll include an apology for how you’ve hurt your husband. Saying “forgive me” in a written note may be a way to break the ice between you. Be sure to avoid using phrases that cast blame on him. Instead, take ownership for your part of the problem.

Would you be interested in reading a few loveletters I’ve written to my husband, Jim? They range from “short and sweet” to a bit longer. Just click on the links below.

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I think it’s about time I write Jim another loveletter. Say, why don’t you take a few minutes right now to write a loveletter to your husband too?!