Love that Lasts Can be Yours!

6 Keys to a Love that Lasts brings the potential to help your marriage deepen, become more exciting, and achieve a new level of sexual fulfillment you’ve not experienced before! Based on our popular book The Seven Day Sex Challenge, the 6 Keys ebook is an abridged version and contains the same keys to success that are the foundations of the 7 Day Sex Challenge:

love that lasts

Key #1 – Commitment

  • It is this value that sets marriage apart from every other relationship. Co-habiting, casual sex, and every other sexual relationship will never provide the intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and joy that are possible from marriage.

Key #2 – Forgiveness

  • Forgiveness in our marriage sets the offender free from the mistakes and sins of the past, and the offended from the bitterness that will kill any marriage.

Key #3 – Design

  • Men and women are different. Discovering God’s design for men and women will surprise—and excite you! By speaking out loud, and acknowledge God’s design for their marriages, couples will reach new intimacy.

Key #4 – Vows

  • These life-long marriage promises are powerful! The 6 Keys to a Love that Lasts will re-introduce the power of a vow.

Key #5 – Rewinding

  • Rewinding is going back and doing what you used to do when you were madly in love! It’s time to go back—and rewind the clock!

Key #6 – Sex

  • Unlocking your dream marriage requires practicing new things! Couples learn practical insights on how to add spice to sex! Foreplay, orgasms, and a list of sexgestions is only the beginning…

We’ve worked with engaged and married couples, taught marriage preparation courses, spoken at marriage seminars and conferences, hosted marriage retreat weekends, and led small group venues. With over 34 years of marriage, and nine children, we’ve lived out the principles and suggestions in the “6 Keys to a Love that Lasts” e-book. We know these principles really work! As a result, fulfillment, meaningful sex, and open communication in our relationship are better than ever before!

These 6 Keys will…

  • Give practical exercises every interested couple can apply
  • Help you discover new dimensions of intimacy—open and deep communication
  • The result will lead you to unlock the marriage of your dreams!

What we are providing in this e-book are over 20 pages of practical helps—time-tested, and reliable!

We are offering the 6 Keys to a Love that Lasts e-book for $5.
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