Love Talk – Intimate Conversation

Love Talk – Intimate Conversation

Love talk or intimate conversation involves each person connecting with the other on the deepest of levels, where true inner feelings, dreams, hurts, and fears can be shared. Intimate conversation is often experienced early on in a relationship or marriage when couples express high degrees of interest and value in each other. Sadly, over time, these investments in the relationship are often let go, and so love conversation diminishes.
When examining the impact of conversation in a marriage relationship, Dr. William Harley, author of His Needs, Her Needs, refers to “friends and enemies” of good conversation.

Friends of Love Talk 

  • use conversation to learn and understand more about your spouse
  • develop interest in your spouse’s favourite topics of conversationlove talk
  • balance conversation: both sides have to talk and listen!
  • give undivided attention to each other by eliminating distractions like the T.V. and phone. Focus on each other and communicate!


Enemies of Intimate Conversation

  • forcing people to agree with you
  • dwelling on mistakes, past and present
  • using conversation to punish one another


Simply stated, intimacy is developed through conversation and can lead to an unusually high degree of satisfaction in marriage.