love letters to read

Love Letters to Read Can Deepen Intimacy

Giving love letters on special occasions is one way to express your love, but love letters to read to your special someone can be a more true and honest expression of your heartfelt love.

Love letters are often given from one lover to another in the form of a card that the recipient reads themselves. Here’s a thought: have you ever written down your feelings in a card but presented it to your spouse or sweetheart by reading it to them?

Why are love letters to read so special? Consider what happens when you write a love letter. Though you are expressing your love with words, it is difficult to convey the emotion that you feel as well. You try to choose words and expressions to communicate and reveal the deep heartfelt emotions. Unfortunately, there may be many negative influences that you have no control over when the recipient of the letter reads it to themselves. Those influences may affect the message of your love letter in a way you wouldn’t have expected! Examples of influences include:

  • Does the reader have enough time to take in every word and phrase or have they received the letter at a time when they are too rushed?
  • Is the reader in a negative or a positive mood?
  • Does the reader have preconceived ideas of what your letter will be about?
  • Will the reader misunderstand something you’ve written?
  • Have you used words that mean one thing to you but something slightly or totally different to the reader?

Benefits of using love letters to read to your loved one include:

  • You choose the right time to express your love. Timing is important!
  • The emotion of your written words will also come through in how you read them.
  • You can add emphasis to significant words and phrases to clearly communicate their importance.
  • No important words will be left unread. You control the speed of the reading.
  • You are able to maintain eye contact with your lover as you read. This will more intensely communicate the heartfelt emotion.

Guys, if you aren’t in the habit of writing love letters to read to your sweetheart, consider how much better reading your love letter to her will communicate your true feelings, especially at times such as:

  • When you want to propose to her!
  • On a special wedding anniversary
  • When you know she is exhausted from a busy day. (A bouquet of fresh cut flowers would go great with this love letter!)
  • After a night of little sleep because of being up with the baby… this letter is best read as you serve her breakfast in bed!
  • When your love letter expresses all the things you appreciate about her

And girls, your special man would love to hear you read aloud especially when your letter includes:

  • Sensual expressions of your love
  • Compliments and qualities about him that you appreciate
  • Secrets and surprises that you’ve planned for later in the bedroom

Love letters to read to your loved one are a sure way to deepen romance and intimacy in your relationship. Why not take time now to write a letter and then choose a special time to read it to your sweetheart? We know you won’t be disappointed with the impact it will have!