love language

What’s Her Love Language?

I ended up scoring some serious points with Sarah because I was mindful of her love language.

Her birthday was just the other day (Happy b-day, you wildly hot wife, you!). And, full disclosure, the age-old ‘what-do-I-get-her-for-her-birthday’ fears were clawing at the back of my throat. I lived in a cold sweat for, oh gosh… maybe 3, 4 minutes?

I won for a few reasons:

1) my gift played heavily on her interests.

2) my gift played heavily on her love language.

If you also want to ‘win’ with your spouse, discern your spouse’s love language and arrange your gift in such a way that it meets both the interest and love language of your lover.

Happy winning.


To learn more about this topic, visit Gary Smalley’s website¬†5 love!