eye to eye

Gazing Eye to Eye Brings Intimacy

Have you ever noticed how a baby or toddler can peer eye to eye without blinking or looking away? Innocence allows them.

“The eyes are the windows of the soul” (traditional English proverb)

Lovers gazing into each other’s eyes is certainly a measure of the level of intimacy experienced between them—because eyes really are the window to the soul! As our partner looks deeply into our eyes and intently listens while we talk to them, we simultaneously receive their non-verbal messages of value, care, and love.

This dynamic of intently listening with our eyes, conveys innocence of heart, intimacy of soul, and is certainly an active ingredient in maintaining a robust and thriving relationship between lovers.

Consider… how often do you look eye to eye with your spouse?

  • Do you look deeply into their eyes when you’re in conversation or during dinnertime?
  • Men, a very special time to look into her eyes is when you’re making love with your wife!
  • Ladies, as you gaze into his eyes, silently think “I am so in love with you!” No doubt, your eyes will convey the message too!

Schedules, cell phones, and demands of others will push their way to the “front of the line” in my life unless I intentionally take those moments, minutes, or hours to focus on my best friend and life partner. I suggest you leave your phone out of the dining room during meal times. Block times on your calendar for date nights. Teach your children that “mommy and daddy time” must not be interrupted.

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